Free ATM placement


Grow Your Cash Flow for Free!

Put more cash into your business.  At Best Value Atm we offer turnkey FREE Atm Placement Services. We will provide an Atm for your location free and pay you a percentage of the income. No worries, we take care of everything for you! Our ATM machines are from the best ATM machine manufacturers in the country.

Here’s what you get free of charge:

  • ATM machine(s)
  • Cash for the ATM's 
  • Professional cash loading service
  •  ATM online monitoring
  • Supplies for ATMs
  • ATM support and maintenance
  • Percentage of the surcharge income

Many small business owners are giving themselves a raise by converting to a cash only business. Dropping credit card services altogether and choosing to go all cash. How much are you paying now in credit card fees? Dropping credit card services may not be as hard as you think. 

** Studies show that ATM users will spend up to 25% of their withdrawal in the same store the ATM is located. Combined with more foot traffic, this could increase your sales a significant amount. 

Types of Business Qualify for Free Placement

Gas Stations, Restaurants, Arcades, Hospitals, Nightclubs, Bars, Apartment and Condominium Developments, College Housing, Barbershops, Hair Salons, Public Venues, Hotels, Laundromats, Golf Courses, Convenience Stores and many others; we can service them. Call, text or email for more information. We provide our service to the entire State of Florida.